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Currently Reading: Jeff Mitscherling’s “Aesthetic Genesis: The Origin of Consciousness in the Intentional Being of Nature”

Only on chapter 2 but enjoying the book so far. Introduced me to the philosopher Roman Ingarden, who it looks like, I’ll have to read more. Mitscherling’s book dovetails nicely with some of my current concerns. His eight “…statements of … Continue reading

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Descartes Demon as Scientistic Heuristic: Part 2

Preamble: none of what I say below is based on a hard look at Neuroscience or an attempt to extrapolate findings of neuroscience. It is the explicit theorizing that Bakker forbids and suggests is near extinction. Or constitutive of our … Continue reading

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But I’m not ‘saying’ anything…Some thoughts on Eliminativism. Part 1

I’m rather amused and intrigued by the ubiquitous use of ‘scare quotes’ in defending seemingly self-contradictory positions. I’m thinking generally here of Eliminative Materialisms whether from the Churchlands to Scott Bakker’s Blind Brain theory. It is characterized by suggesting or … Continue reading

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Note on Schelling…

Here is a quote from Schelling that I think clearly situates the debate between Idealism and so-called Realism (“so-called” because Idealism is not necessarily opposed to Realism). In the excerpt ( it is only necessary to read the first part) … Continue reading

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A little note on the problem of Universals…

In thinking about the problem of universals I try to make it concrete by aligning it with the experience of perception, for example, focusing on the perception of a single object and thinking about it from both perspectives. The general … Continue reading

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The First Metaphor

This is a brief exposition of an argument of Owen Barfield concerning the history of language, and its consequences. The argument consists in showing an historical inconsistency in the way we think about language, and the subsequent epistemological impossibility. There … Continue reading

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The threat of meaning versus the indifference of Death: Ramblings of a man in the throes of nihility

(A work in progress) A recent experience has compelled me to put in words a view I’ve always gravitated towards: that the threat of meaninglessness, of total indifference, while psychologically tormenting and hard to live with, is nevertheless a relief … Continue reading

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The Absurd

Over at Heterodoxia, Awet Moges has written an excellent essay on Camus, Sisyphus Shrugged: An essay on Myth of Sisyphus. The essay can also be found at The Galilean Library ( my home base and home to the best discussion … Continue reading

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Ideology as proof of Freedom?

Oh, why not. In this entry, I’ll post some excerpts from, well, a fragmented and incomplete essay I attempted to write suggesting that the phenomena of Ideology is proof of freedom. Of course, I mean to be deliberately provocative here … Continue reading

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The Old, Grumpy Bastard: some musings on Time-travel and the Grandfather paradox. Part 1

Over the past week, I’ve engaged in some verbal gymnastics about the Grandfather paradox. The Grandfather paradox is one of those well-horned, logic puzzles. Could I go back in time and kill my grandfather before he reproduced? The obvious answer … Continue reading

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