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BBT again…

A couple months ago Scott Bakker wrote a column for Scientia Salon about his Blind Brain theory. I’d written an extensive response but left it unpublished. Yet again, the issue has come up now on Ed Feser’s blog and Bakker’s … Continue reading

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John Deely on Postmodernity

Postmodernity begins at the moment that thinkers decide to take seriously the notion that communication is a part of reality, that intersubjectivity is something real, and not simply an approximation that isolated consciousnesses appear to achieve because the mechanism of … Continue reading

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The BBT and Performative Contradiction

Over at Footnotes2Plato, Matt made a post linking to Adam Robbert’s Noë and Uexküll: Ecology, Style, and Meaning on Knowledge Ecology. Scott’s response to Matt is in the comments and I’m re-posting my response to Scott here. The post is … Continue reading

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Currently Reading: Jeff Mitscherling’s “Aesthetic Genesis: The Origin of Consciousness in the Intentional Being of Nature”

Only on chapter 2 but enjoying the book so far. Introduced me to the philosopher Roman Ingarden, who it looks like, I’ll have to read more. Mitscherling’s book dovetails nicely with some of my current concerns. His eight “…statements of … Continue reading

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Quick one

Are only “subjects” “minds” hypostatizied? Or are ‘bodies’ and ‘matter’ just as much hypostatizations? There is a growing irritation in me while re/reading and trying to come to grips with the varying reductionist materialisms out there. In essence, even from … Continue reading

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Descartes Demon as Scientistic Heuristic: Part 2

Preamble: none of what I say below is based on a hard look at Neuroscience or an attempt to extrapolate findings of neuroscience. It is the explicit theorizing that Bakker forbids and suggests is near extinction. Or constitutive of our … Continue reading

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Descartes’ Demon as Scientistic Heuristic

This is all I can think of as I read Bakker expound the BBT over and over. It’s as if someone had the thought “What if I was was being deceived all along ?” and instead of using God to … Continue reading

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Some Barfieldian themes in Bruno Latour?

***Written weeks ago but left still born because well, every time I write I have the urge to write a book and explain, explain – if anyone is reading and think this is not specific enough, glib, or just garbage, … Continue reading

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But I’m not ‘saying’ anything…Some thoughts on Eliminativism. Part 1

I’m rather amused and intrigued by the ubiquitous use of ‘scare quotes’ in defending seemingly self-contradictory positions. I’m thinking generally here of Eliminative Materialisms whether from the Churchlands to Scott Bakker’s Blind Brain theory. It is characterized by suggesting or … Continue reading

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7 pounds, 8 ounces.

There really isn’t enough wonder and awe in the world. Birth is incredible. Just imagining where it began, the development and then the exit – all done with little conscious effort, the body simply and actively preparing and doing what … Continue reading

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