With this blog, I aim to discuss general   topics in epistemology, semiotics, and the broader field concerning the “evolution of consciousness.” The writings of Owen Barfield and his conception of the “evolution of consciousness”  loom large over the entire content of this blog and I hope to discuss Barfield himself on many occasions. Barfield is a largely unknown philosopher with  rather strange and bizarre ideas – to contemporary ears – but  one of merit, great acuity and a wonderful vision of the history and future of the human species. Some of Barfield’s most daring ideas are that mind preceded matter, that the world changes as consciousness changes, and that the window into all of this is language itself. With language, we have something akin to a fossil in archaeology, a record of how people experienced the world not only how they thought about it. Barfield ideas lead  into some rather deep waters and for him this means an ultimately Christian – if heretical since he’s an unabashed anthroposophist – view of the world. And this is where the title of the blog comes in. I take a decidedly profane  look into the ideas of Barfield and many of the “esoteric philosophy” that will come up for discussion on this blog.  I’m not a convert, nor proselyte.  Not an anthroposphist or even a nominal Christian. I’m simply interested in testing and  debating these ideas.

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