Descartes’ Demon as Scientistic Heuristic

This is all I can think of as I read Bakker expound the BBT over and over. It’s as if someone had the thought “What if I was was being deceived all along ?” and instead of using God to bootstrap the world ( and reaffirm existence) used Cognitive Science to dis-confirm everything we ever thought. In this case, the demon is real and its none other than brain mechanism – a fitting reversal. I have some arguments to make here but the evangelical tone of Scott and his acolytes leaves a rather sour taste in my mouth. Not sure the effort is worth it. I suppose when you preach the end of times with Cognitive Science as your bible its respectable not shrill and ridiculous. Apologies if this offends anyone.

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4 Responses to Descartes’ Demon as Scientistic Heuristic

  1. terenceblake says:

    Scott Bakker publishes posts that are full of bloated prose, with many interesting findings. But I wish to be very clear, he has no theory. There is no BBT. He constantly talks about what BBT predicts, but in fact he has no coherent theory. What little he manages to enounce at a theoretical level is self-refuting: if he were right he could not say what he does. But he has no theory, and he has no scientific warrant. It’s all propaganda and bluff. I have been insulted by his acolytes for daring to reply to his condescending harangues, to the point that i wanted to stop blogging. But be reassured: he has no theory. He has no understanding of science. He is a powerful propagandist, that is all. And he is good at getting arse-lickers. Please keep developping your own ideas, this is important. Polemics can come later, if necessary. Continue, i for one appreciate your ideas. I have not been able to respond to your remarks as i would have liked, but I certainly think you deserve to be taken into consideration. What you say about Bakker should not be quashed. Cheers, Terence.

  2. Chen says:

    Thanks, Terence. It’s quite an effort to make it through his many posts ‘radicalizing’ the idea of others. I’ll post some of my issues shortly.

    Michael, long time no see!

  3. Michael S. Pearl says:

    Chen, you know, if you can’t arrange it otherwise, maybe the next time you head south to the homeland you can stop off in the swamps down here for a visit. After all, who can pass up a True Detective tour (assuming you saw True Detective) and even a bit of Treme (at least part of which I know you saw).

  4. Chen says:

    Not a bad idea, Michael. Seriously. My next vacation, other than the homeland, is to a city I haven’t been. Not sure True Detective is a selling point though. Creepy brilliance. But I certainly am not trying to tour Carcosa or anything close to it.

    Just kidding obviously.

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