I need to read Sartre in depth. I’ve been collecting quite a bit of books from him and have been more and more intrigued by random bits – currently nibbling, hoping to feast on his works soon. Sartre’ harsh or “severe” Ethics as one commentator puts it ( man is responsible for himself in the fullest sense) is something I’m particularly drawn to but quick to qualify. That is, as I read his passage about making choices and not scapegoating biology, the environment, culture, etc, I can’t help thinking “Right, Sartre, but not yet.” In other words, and typical of my philosophical influences (ah!) , I think the human Sartre judges, the man that is fully responsible in every sense, has not fully arrived yet. Funnily enough, I think this man is what we should strive towards and exploring an ethos like Sartre gives us an idea of what it really means to be “free” – it is not simply the availability of different alternatives to “choose” as if shopping at the mall but the very ability to determine and create the choices themselves.

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