A Cacophony of Horrors

Just finished A Clash of Kings the sequel ( and second in the overall trilogy – A song of Fire and Ice) to George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. I think I like it better than the first which says a lot. However, the joy I got from reading this book was tempered somewhat by all that was going on – it’s one thing to admit you’re riveted but to reflect on all that’s happening, you can quickly get quite sad. Great writer that, Martin. And he doesn’t spare you. There are several instances in the book where I simply did not want to read the next chapter for fear of what other horror was awaiting, then a chapter would end with a splinter of hope, only for it to be complicated by more horrors. The character of Theon Greyjoy, in particular, exemplifies this book to me: his story arc is a comedy of horrors except, of course, it actually does happen to the people in the world making it all the worse.

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