Game of Thrones

Finished. Now, I can watch the HBO series in peace. However, I’m immediately moving on to A Clash of Kings to the chagrin of my lady since we’re supposed to be reading the books together. Quite well done, the book. It ends on a terrifying, stupendous note but leaves so much unresolved you immediately want to devour the next in the series. Some great characters, I tell you. What happens with the Lannisters? The Starks? The ongoing war? Oh, and Joffrey, well on his way to being the “Mad King 2.0.” I wish terrible, terrible things on that “boy” and George R.R. Martin made me do it.

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2 Responses to Game of Thrones

  1. zammael says:

    Be sure to add your reviews as you watch the episodes.

    I understand what it’s like reading Martin: u can’t just put it down much less wait for someone to finish!

  2. Chen says:

    I will post some reviews soon. Like the show, a bit worried about how much translates to the non-familiar. Fortunately, a buddy of mine is watching the show – he has no prior knowledge – and is doing just fine. It’s a difficult thing knowing what happens, in particular the background to certain penultimate scenes ( Tyrion’s capture being one) and watching it take place on screen without nearly as much information beforehand . Invariably, these scenes will seem lacking simply because Martin builds these scenes up so well. The tension bleeds of the page and something is a lost a bit on screen when you “watch” the scene without this exquisite buildup. I think it’s something fans of the book will really have to carefully discern so as not to get too easily disappointed with the series. And this is because these scenes seem to be just as exciting and tension filled to newcomers even without the great build up – obviously, there can always be more but the large gap I sometimes feel between what I’ve read and what is presented is simply not there for a newcomer. The confusion I think they must experience is not as large a obstacle as I envisioned.

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