Lawyers, Liars, Jamaica

This is just an announcement to force my hand. I intend to write about the Dudus/Manatt Enquiry currently taking place in Jamaica. Ostensibly, the enquiry is supposed to answer once and for all the government’s role in the extradition of Christopher Coke, the now former “Don” of West Kingston, JA who is now in the United States awaiting trial. This extradition is what resulted in the deadly action in Tivoli last year which put Jamaica on the map, again, for it’s violence. So far, the enquiry has been a series of obfuscations, lies, and pettiness. In other words, just what we’d except from lawyers gone wild. Regardless, I ill try to gather some information, do some investigative work and blog about the whole thing.

Update: It’s quite disgusting what the JLP lawyers are doing. I’ll get into it when time permits. Needless to say, the Jamaican government has been and is continuing to be exposed as corrupt from top to bottom. A fact already known and accepted but the lawyering, the constant attempts to rule out relevant evidence, and the vile attempts at character assassination of the minor players i.e everyday folk that are just doing heir jobs ( for example, Mrs. Mcgraw, the secretary of the biggest liar so far, Dorothy Lightbourne) has brought it into sharp focus. These people are disgusting and if Politics in Jamaica weren’t so partisan, the people would call for this prime minister and many others to resign. Immediately. It is a pathetic and embarrassing display.

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