Every flight begins with a fall – George R.R. Martin

Back from Jamaica again. Life is strange. Love even stranger. I’ve been in in the throes of nihility for a good while ( and wrote about it – to be posted after some touching up) but things are slowly turning around. Out of the ashes, improbably, a phoenix has arrived in my life. So things are not so bad.

Anyway, back to business. I’ll keep more up to date with this blog if only to write little bits on books I’m reading, like the brilliant Game of Thrones which I’ve decided to read before it’s HBO debut in April. The book was recommended to me by Paul Newall of The Kindly Ones a couple years ago. Never got around to it but since it’s been made into a series I want to make sure I read it before losing any will to once the show starts. Great piece of work so far. The characters, the writing, the power struggle. I’ll dish on the book as I go further in – only a third of the way through.

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2 Responses to Every flight begins with a fall – George R.R. Martin

  1. Paul Newall says:

    Welcome back. I hope everything works out for you and that you enjoy the books.

  2. zammael says:

    I actually went back to the book after the first episode, just to refresh my memory what the hell was going on. I did remember the general themes and plot lines, but not the specific sequence of events or the actual dialogue.

    That kinda raised the bar for the show even higher than all the hype/buzz managed. SMH

    Congrats on the phoenix. That shit happens when you least expect it.

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