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The Absurd

Over at Heterodoxia, Awet Moges has written an excellent essay on Camus, Sisyphus Shrugged: An essay on Myth of Sisyphus. The essay can also be found at The Galilean Library ( my home base and home to the best discussion … Continue reading

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I urge anyone who reads this blog to take full advantage of this free offer from the journal, Semiotica. They have some great articles there. The April Journal of this year (2010) is of particular interest to anyone interested in … Continue reading

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Ideology as proof of Freedom?

Oh, why not. In this entry, I’ll post some excerpts from, well, a fragmented and incomplete essay I attempted to write suggesting that the phenomena of Ideology is proof of freedom. Of course, I mean to be deliberately provocative here … Continue reading

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The Old, Grumpy Bastard: some musings on Time-travel and the Grandfather paradox. Part 1

Over the past week, I’ve engaged in some verbal gymnastics about the Grandfather paradox. The Grandfather paradox is one of those well-horned, logic puzzles. Could I go back in time and kill my grandfather before he reproduced? The obvious answer … Continue reading

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Time travel paradoxes: a preview

I will make a longer post shortly but decided to copy and paste this from a debate I was having.: All things equal, Jack is standing across from some man in the present. Everybody agrees he can kill him simply … Continue reading

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